Moat Tunic

Multifunctional neckline, overlapped shoulders

This loosely cut tunic is characterized by fashionable overlapped shoulders, which provide a more defined silhouette than a typical sleeveless tunic. The multifunctional rear neckline can also be worn at the front, which makes this garment exceptionally versatile. This tunic has been produced responsibly and is cradle to cradle™ gold certified to guarantee its biodegradability. At the end of their life cycle (when you no longer need them), you can return them to us and we will take care that their components are used for the production of a new garment. We are absolutely convinced that you can look excellent and at the same time make sustainable decisions. This is the core of uncompromising fashion.

Wide fit / Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification for biological circulation / Back length for size S: 80 cm / Free cut option: Individual cut / Multifunctional neckline with waterfall look / Overlapped shoulders / Sleeveless